Saturday, March 19, 2016

Continued...Another Red-tailed Hawk, Another Deer...

And around the next curve, another deer  stands contemplating me.  This one stands his ground and I continue on my way on foot.
 A Redtail flies over my head.

Then she heads toward the treeline, flies deftly through the branches and is lost to distance.

 The Seventh Fence Post Nest....
 The nest does not appear to hold a sitting bird.  Is it too early?  Or is this an alternate nest that wasn't chosen this year?  Back to the circuit.
I come round the curve....ah, this is likely the Red-tail we just saw go into the treeline.
 I'm distracted by a pair of Mallards paddling in tandem in the creek.
 The hen's bill drips with water plants.  Yes, I know...what is the Red-tail up to?  
She's still there.
In the blink of an eye she's standing, watching something beneath her.

And either it flew, or something else more interesting did.

And she's off!  I see her go off and then veer left into the trees, but then...?
 Where is she?  Maybe she didn't come this far.  Back track.
 There she is!
 It's getting dark.  Soon she'll no longer be visible. 
 She's still watching.
And watching...
And waiting.  
This is the actual view and I'm beginning to loose her in the distance from lack of light but so far she is still there. (Center)
Good night Red-tail, and happy hunting.

Donegal Browne

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