Monday, March 28, 2016

HAPPY EASTER! Yes, Quicksilver, the African Grey Parrot, Nabs The Crisco Again

                     HAPPY EASTER!!!

I couldn't  resist an Easter  pleasantry which celebrates world peace with an Easter Egg that is actually hatching.

Yes, dear Readers, Silver has once again, using his Super Powered Parrot Stealth, gotten into the Crisco can.


 The UPS Man had knocked on the front door while I was making a cake.  And in the few minutes when I had gone to the front door and the Crisco was unattended,  Silver had gotten onto the floor of the laundry room, walked through the second parlor, (I'd have heard him if he'd flown),  and walked behind me to the door, that leads past the first stairway, through the dining room, past the second stairway, where the cat chow is guarded on the third step by a baby gate to prevent access by Tig the Diabetic Dog, with has tendency toward pancreatitis upon glutting out on kitty chow...only then do we come to the kitchen. 

But back to the door behind my back which Silver is making a break for.   

This is a vintage wooden door with a glass window in the top half, so reasonably heavy.  It tends to be open an inch or so in order for Pyewacket and Squirrel the black cats to  have access to their food and to avoid constant caterwauling.  

Nothing makes a cat more hysterical than limited access to the cat chow.   

Nor the dog"s inconvenience in checking for any stray fragment of the aforementioned cat chow that may have fallen down the three steps, under the child gate, and onto the floor, just waiting for Tig to eat it.


Mammal egress in regards to the unlatched door and hence the kitchen-  The dog uses his nose to push the door open and the cats use a paw, just how the parrot does it is unknown. 

 Nobody has ever SEEN Silver do it but he does start out on one side of the house and ends up on the other whenever he feels like it. 

Just walking up and somehow squeezing through wouldn't work for both in and out.  So tis a mystery.

But back to our saga, I finish up with the UPS man and head back to the kitchen, where I find the parrot.

 Eating Crisco as fast as he possibly can.  At least he hasn't started on the chocolate cake batter.  Go for the fat first  is an African Grey motto after all.  Ask any of them.

                                      He says... "WHAT?"
              I say, "BAD BIRD! Get OUT of the shortening!"
                                     He says, "Good Bird".

                                  And goes down for another bite.
                                               "BAD BIRD!"

                         AND HIS HEAD DISAPPEARS.

 Donegal Browne... sigh....

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