Sunday, March 27, 2016

Birds from Here to There- Bernie Sanders to Birdie Sanders Plus Wild Turkeys and Snow White WHAT??? I Know. I Know.

 It all started with this.  Not long ago during a speech by presidential candidate Bernie Sanders at a Portland Rally, a "dicky bird", as my late great biology mentor Dr. Gross would have categorized it,  landed on Bernie's podium.

It brought down the house.

Not only that but memes of "Birdie Sanders" sprouted overnight. 

 I particularly like this one posted on...

And there is this one...

And another favorite.

What reminded me of all this you ask?

I went to crop some photographs of Wild Turkeys this evening and once again realized that Turkeys, particularly in Spring, remind me of the Disney color palette.  They just do not look real but they are.

It gets worse.  Dusk light doesn't help.
 Just when you thought it would be better...
It gets worse because now there are three of them.
And then four.  Why do they become even more strangely tinted as night comes on?
Because gloaming light makes the coloration even more seemingly imreal.


And we haven't even gotten into how they move.

Happy Hawking!
Donegal Browne

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