Thursday, July 02, 2015

Just in from Stella Hamilton: The Sheep Meadow and St. John the Divine Hawks!

Photo: Stella Hamilton      Sheep Meadow Fledgling

Hi Donna , 

I went over to  St. John the Divine yesterday evening and found an adult RTH, (Madeleine, D.B.) feeding above the statue of St. Peter. It was drizzling and the shots were a bit too high for my camera to get a good shot.  I did see at least 2 fuzzy white heads briefly.  

After my visit at St. John the Divine, I went over to Sheep Meadow and found all 3 babies on trees and their parents busily hunting and delivering rodents to their kids. I did observe meal delivery twice in the short time that I was there. Photography very difficult due to lush greenery and lack of light and hawk activity.  But I did get to see the whole family.

 All photos by Stella Hamilton
Go Norman and Madeleine!

The first clutch at St. John's failed according to Rob Schmunk at

Also Rob has a super checklist of this years NYC Red-tailed Hawk nests on his main page.  Check it out.

 And another shot of Madeleine feeding.

And the Sheep Meadow eyass blowing in the wind on a bough in Central Park.

Happy Hawking!
Donegal Browne

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