Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sheep Meadow Redtails Saga Continues Plus the Stella Hamilton Pale Male Fledge Report,

Valkyrie appears to be watching the entrance/exit to the Sheep Meadow.
             Valkyrie does her Ichabod Crane impression.
      A look to the west.  I can't imagine what she thinks of all the people throwing balls and frisbees at each other.  Though she may not think about it at all as it may not be relevant to her.
One of the eyasses is up and watching the people and the frisbee and ball action.
But not for long.  Not when there is a sibling to be bugged.

 But then a stronger urge takes over.  The urge to FLAP!

                             And look at all that bird dust in the air.

Eyass pauses.  Then begins again.  And will continue to do so until the day comes when either intentionally or not she flies off the nest.


The Stella Hamilton 6/29 Pale Male and Octavia Fledgling Report.
5:31PM  I was told this fledgling just ate  a pigeon by Glade Arch .    Fledgling took 25 minutes to finish the meal .

6:02PM  Fledgling on roof on 76th between Madison and 5th calling to Pale Male who was on the Carlyle .

6:49PM  Two Fledglings on the Ship Shape Building terrace.
Stella tells me that as far as she has observed Pale Male is doing all the fledgling care.  There's no reason to think that anything has happened to Octavia, it is just she has evidentally decided that she deserves a break.  
                   7:55PM              And the neighbors are out!

 Some of you may not know that Central Park is absolutely full of raccoons.  They are extremely adept at raiding the trash receptacles of Central Park.  

Also I found while observing owls in the park, that there are numerous New Yorkers who feed them after dark in the less human frequented areas .  One women arrives with a shopping cart full of day old bread and other baked goods several times a week.  She is well loved by the raccoons to say the least.

My favorite raccoon and food sighting was one evening a raccoon had what appeared to be a neatly wrapped in plastic circus sized cone of cotton candy.   The raccoon was attempting to climb a tree with this item.  The problem being that she had to hold the large package of cotton candy in her teeth. Which meant it was in between herself and the tree.   Her legs weren't long enough to grant any clearance so the cotton candy would wedge between her body and the tree.  She would attempt to crawl up and the cotton candy plastic would stay in place.   By dint of perseverance and moving the cotton candy only a few inches at a time she eventually got it up to her cavity.  Hard work but worth it to a coon with a sweet tooth.

Happy hawking!
Donegal Browne

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