Tuesday, July 01, 2014

MONDAY, Hawkwatcher Stella Hamilton Tracks Down Pale Male and Two Fedglings In Central Park

All Iphone images  by Stella Hamilton
5:46 PM Hawkwatcher Stella Hamilton tracks down Pale Male hunting at the Reservoir in Central Park.

6:29PM Ah Ha!  Stella finds the the paler headed fledgling perched on Glade Arch.
 6:32PM  Three minutes later Pale Head  takes off from the arch and lands on the lawn.

6:44PM  Pale Head Fledge nips up to the branch with Darker Headed Fledgling who is doing a little feather work before bed.

Have a good night fledglings.  Stay safe!

Many thanks to Stella Hamilton for sharing her Central Park Red-tailed Hawk Searches.

Keep scrolling down to the next post for earlier sightings.
Happy Hawking 
Donegal Browne

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