Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Hawkwatcher Stella Hamilton Places Pale Male's Mate Octavia on Sunday

Here is Octavia on Sunday evening ,06/29/14 , on the (left) corner of a ledge on a building at 85th and 5th , watching over the fledglings and Pale Male's goings on. Can you see her in this far away pic?  Thought I'd let you know where she was this weekend since someone asked .

Thanks Stella!  And you can bet that if there was any threat to a fledgling or to Pale Male,  Octavia would be swooping down on the perpetrator with the trademark Red-tailed Hawk scream to take care of business.

By the way, Stella also sent a nifty video of one of the fledglings begging which I seem to need a different program to load onto the blog.  Therefore when I get that issue squared away it will go up.  It will be particularly nice for those who have never heard that trademark sound of summer.

In fact today, I heard a young Red-tail begging in a small woods.  I immediately attempted to track the youngster down.  But as these are rural hawks, when I got near the area where the fledgling had to be, silence fell.  No begging in front of humans around here.

Happy Hawking!
Donegal Browne

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