Sunday, May 04, 2014

The Pond That Never Freezes Eagle Nest, a Sandhill Crane Nest Update, a NYC Red-tail Nest Plus What Behaviors Do Hormonal African Grey Females Display? And WHAT Is That Bird Hanging on the Cabinet Handle in the Laundry Room?

 Photo Donegal Browne
Frannie  the Sandhill Crane, though seemingly napping when I first glimpsed her today was immediately wide awake when I got out of the car.  She is still sticking fast to the nest and  a hatch is expected very soon.

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       Photo courtesy of Francois Portmann
How beautiful is that face!  A hatch is expected anytime here as well. 
 For more photos of the Thompkins Square nest go to

Now to the Saga of The-Pond-That-Never-Freezes Eagle Nest

Having gotten permission awhile back to walk through the land I shouldered my cameras and tripod for a walk to get closer  to the above Eagle nest.  

By the way, not only would it be rude,  it is also illegal to get closer than 300 feet to an Eagle's nest.  So I don't.

As it turned out the field was far longer than it appeared from the road, about 3/4 of a mile from the road to the woods.  And little did I know but the Eagles had started watching the moment I started walking.
I've cropped the photo down and you can see Mom's white head above the rim of the nest.  See Dad over there to the right?
 Another crop. I'm still walking the field without being able to see what the camera sees.   Mom is still standing on the nest and Dad has moved a few more trees to the right.

As you can see the light is extremely variable, I'm still walking  without seeing an eagle.

Dad has disappeared but Mom is still clearly watching in this crop. And I'm still walking.  And the sun goes under another cloud.
Mom in silhouette.
   I'm almost whacked by a fleeing pigeon.

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