Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Pale Male and Washington Heights Mom, Look the look and Quicksilver and His Craving For Cavities Part 4

Photo courtesy of palemale.com

Pale Male always takes time to watch his young eyasses when he gets a chance.  I find these the sweetest moments in every nesting season.  We've all seen Pale Male focus in numerous ways.  The way he looks at prey or an intruder or at his mate, but there is no "look", which includes the set of his body while he looks, a kind of internal stillness and enjoyment, to compare to this one.
 Photo courtesy of Rob Schmunk at http://morningsidehawks.blogspot.com/
 Here is the look again on the face of the Washington Heights/ Wright Park female as she watches her eyasses.  She does so much remind me of Isolde of the Cathedral Nest at St. John the Divine/Morningside Park.

By the way if you haven't been following Rob Schmunk's blog you should.  His photographs catch the hawks at lovely moments in beautiful light and his prose reflects a long affection, as well as a close attention to detail,  for the Red-tail Hawks and the nests he chronicles. 

10:40AM  It was the sound of ripping cardboard that brought me into the laundry room this morning.  Guess who?  He actually looked quite amiable.
Then he turned toward me with purpose...
 ...and I realized he was looking at and advancing toward my bare feet.
I backed up into the doorway and then he looked up.  I took the hint and left.   I'd nab the cardboard box later.  

11:34 AM I hear another sound coming from the laundry room.  A sort of TINK, tink, tink tink....

I come in, look around.  And Silver has opened the cabinet again.  I look up and he leans over amiably and blows me a kiss.  Well...he's trying charm this morning.  I'm all for that.
 I say, "Hi Hon, what you doing?"
Silver leans over and appears to be trying to get something  from under the can with his beak.
He appears to be sliding something towards himself with his beak.
He's got a penny!
He rests it on the can and lets it go.
Then he stands up and looks exceedingly proud of himself.
Good job, Silver!

4:25PM  It was getting on towards dinner and as Silver wanted to come with me I carried him to his perch in the kitchen.  But instead of staying there he flew over and landed on the microwave.  Note the bottom center corners of the cupboard doors.  Yes they've seen some attention from the parrot in last years bout with cavity finding.
4:25:58  He's waiting until I'm not looking.  I've yet to see how he opens this cupboard.  I start cleaning out the refrigerator and attempting to check in with him by slipping my eyes sideways.

4:27:39 I hadn't had more than 15 seconds where I wasn't glancing over and ...TA DA, he's got it open and I still didn't see it happen.
Parrots watch eyes with great care as do Crows.  I suspect that is the case with most bird species, particularly the clever ones.

4:28:15 We stare at each other.
4:28:27 He appears to notice something up right.
He walks across and then appears to look up.  I look up.
When I look back he has his beak pressed to the wood.  I have no idea what this is about.  Suggestions?
Then he walks back across, ducks his head under the door and stays that way until I pick him up and leave the room.

I have no idea what the last two moves were about.  ???  If you do let me know.

Happy Hawking!


sally said...

which blog is Rob's

Donegal Browne said...

Rob Schmunk's blog is http://morningsidehawks.blogspot.com/ You should be able to click on the photo credit to take you right to his blog from that post.

Donegal Browne said...

Let me know if it doesn't function for you. :)