Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Rural Red-tail and Eagle Nest Checking, Decorah Eagles Lay Three, and a Kollbrunner Recap of Mama and Papa

Many thanks to Jackie of Tulsa for the lovely screen captures of the Decorah Eagle nest.
Three beautiful eggs.

In, also, by way of Jackie of Tulsa, the light tower (far right) that the Franklin hawks have been twigging for the last few days.
(I'd like to credit the photo if anyone has that piece of information
The Gough Red-tailed Hawk nest, with Mom up right center.  This nest is in a twiggy stand mid way up a tree.  Even though it is extremely close to the road and therefore there would be no problem with public access, once the trees leaf out it may be very tough to watch.  The pair appears to be still twigging.

Gough RTH nest, different angle.  There appears to be a couple of wads of plastic up there.  Will be interesting to see if that sort of material stays in rural nests.  It tends to blow out of urban ones.
The Teneyke Eagle Nest.  The Eagless may be on the nest but she can't be seen.

And a mini recap from Jeff Kollbrunner who watches the Red-tailed Hawk pair, Mama and Papa--
This is Mama and Papa's 21st season together as a pair. Last year they had Fledglings 28, 29 & 30-- over the last 13 seasons in which we found their nests.


Happy Hawking!

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