Thursday, March 13, 2014

Quicksilver the African Grey Parrot Checks Out the Tortoise and the Hare

 I'd been invited to a dinner benefiting  The Pearl Island Project, (a local eco-project along the Sugar River) and won the above figure next to the live parrot as a door prize. I'd told Sam the daughter about the kitsch and she wanted a picture. While I was getting it from all angles, Silver kept saying, "Want up, want up, want uuuuupppp!  So I went over, got him, and put him down next to it.  

Silver is not at all sure about it.  Look at his expression.  Also look at his left foot.  It is up and ready to grab that hysterically laughing hare so he can be bitten before getting away if necessary.
Silver still isn't sure about it but I think it has just remembered that I was the one who put him there, having no doubt forgotten he was the one who had wanted UP!

Evidently having figured out that the object is not animate, his foot has gone down, but he still looks rather stunned.  Understandably as the Hare obviously suffers from mania and who knows what that guy with his tongue sticking out is thinking.

Silver has now turned his head so he can use his left eye to watch the figure and use his right eye to place his raised right foot to start a stealthy retreat.
Still wary.

But that a look of realization and even a bit accusatory?
Then he begins to march down the arm at me.  Ah oh...

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