Monday, April 15, 2013


All times Eastern.
11:15AM-From left to right.  Rosie, a dead rat, Judson in his egg (See the pips?), Kiku, and Archie.

11:30AM  See the bit of shell that has flecked up off the rest of the egg on top?  Go slightly right and down.  See Judson's egg tooth poking through.
11:52AM   Kiku and Archie spar over Judson as she works on hatching.  Dead rat is a helpful brace on occasion.

11:54 AM  Rosie watches as Bobby heads for the nest.
11:55AM  Rosie leaves; Bobby watches.  Kiku looks at Judson.  Still working.
11:56 AM Rosie returns with a leafy wand of a branch.
11:56:33 AM Rosie places the twig.  Rosie and Bobby watch.

11:56:51 AM  Rosie, Kiku, and Archie watch Bobby leave.  Judson is otherwise occupied.  Kiku and Archie begin to spar again.  Rosie watches.  Judson appears to be resting.
12:16 PM Rosie broods.
12:42:08 PM Rosie removes egg membrane from shell.
12:42:33 PM  Rosie holds slip of membrane in her beak.
12:42:47 PM Rosie leaves nest with membrane in beak.  Eyasses alone.  And Judson has obviously finished hatching under her mother.

Happy Hawking
Donegal Browne

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