Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Scant Nest at 322 Central Park West After the Original Nest Was Destroyed by Construction Workers.

 The formel sits on the new hastily wrought nest at 322 Central Park West, after the pair's original one was destroyed by construction workers.

  The pair tried mightily to replace the nest the best they could but obviously the formel was in the midst of laying.  Note the egg on the above right has rolled out of the nest area as there is no bowl to keep it secure. 

Unless there is some reasonable layer of insulation between the egg(s) and the building it will be highly unlikely that there will be a hatch even if she manages to keep eggs on the ledge.   And with the previous cool weather in NYC, the formel was possibly uncomfortable herself without the protection of a lined nest bowl.  She has a long wait ahead of her.

The tiercel has been doing his job.  Note the fresh prey lying beside her, but human ignorance and lack of empathy may have spoiled these hawks best efforts for a family this season. 

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Pale Male takes a turn at sitting the eggs at 927 Fifth Avenue on Saturday. (He appears to very much enjoy sitting on eggs. Sometimes his mates have a difficult job getting him to vacate the nest so they can go back to sitting.) This nest was started by Pale Male and Lola at  Christmas time of 2005 after the previous nest's destruction which was orchestrated by the 927 Fifth Avenue co-op board.

The above nest is the result of 8 seasons of industrious nest building by Pale Male and his mates.

A big thank you to the hawkwatcher who forwarded the lead photo to me.  It was sent to him by a news director who received it from a resident of 322.

More on 322 plus the new rural Red-tailed Nest coming soon.
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Happy Hawking! 

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