Thursday, August 23, 2012


Photo by Jeff Johnson

 From Zena seeking hawkwatcher Jeff Johnson--


Now that Zena was "officially" spotted yesterday Sunday by LK, I'm sure it was Zena I saw on the 14 Aug foray which I didn't send to you until the 16th.  

Wasn't able to get into the Park on Sunday…maybe today. I guess it's the exuberance of learning to hunt which lead Opera Star  to make the two attempts at Tangerine the Box Turtle. I should have been better prepared for the second pass and gotten a usable frame. It brought home in a very dramatic way that all the lore about "Chicken Hawks" scooping up pets has more than a bit of exaggerated truth.  

This is a frame from the 14th that I feel is Zena near the west side Bridle Path.


It could well be, Jeff.  You wouldn't have a shot of this bird's belly band and one of Zena's for comparison would you?

I had a couple of thoughts as to where Zena might be during the time no one could find her.  The first, of course, was that she too might have been poisoned.  But my second thought was that perhaps she had gone in search of the two fledglings now in the good care of the Horvaths.

More on that hypothesis later today!

Donegal Browne

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