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Looking For Zena 8/20 (Yes, Zena's Been Sighted but Jeff Is Still Looking For Her.),Where Might She have Been, and a Brown tail Goes to Red-tail

 Photos and italicized commentary in this section by Jeff Johnson

Entered the Park from 72nd and 5th Ave thinking Opera Star might be hunting along the playground area.
927 Nest check with no red-tails visible. Metadata time 1320.
 From midpoint between Alice and Cedar Hill a Red-tail that looks to be Pale Male in this push enlargement alighted on the antenna. Metadata time 1323.
 From midpoint between Alice and Cedar Hill a Red-tail that looks to be Pale Male in this push enlargement alighted on the antenna. Metadata time 1323.  [Up right.]

 Red-tail continuing south in this second push frame. Metadata time 1324.
Doubled back to the Sailboat Pond and checked the nest with no joy and didn't see any overflights. Metadata time 1327.
Made my way over to the near west side Bridle Path glade that I believe I spotted Zena in on the 14th of Aug. No Red-tails visible. Metadata time 1401.
Close look at tree fork where I think Zena had cached some food on the 14th. Nothing visible from his angle. Metadata time 1402.
 Beresford SW Tower check with no Red-tails visible. Metadata time 1408.
Beresford NW Tower check with no Red-tails visible. Metadata time 1408.
 241 Building check with no Red-tails visible. Metadata time 1417.
 Back to the east side playground near 77th Street looking for Opera Star, but no joy. Metadata time 1446.
927 Nest check with no joy. Metadata time 1450.
 Going back to the west side a Red-tail flew almost directly over me as I reached the south tip of Cedar Hill (push enlargement). Metadata time 1504.
 It looks to be Pale Male flying due east (pushed enlargement). Metadata time 1504.
 Ragged looking left wing doesn't appear to affect his flying prowess at all. Metadata time 1504.

[Pale Male, being an adult Red-tailed Hawk, is undergoing his yearly molt and no it doesn't seem to affect his flying.] 
Disappears going due east. Metadata time 1504.
I scanned and waited hoping for additional passes but saw none.  In a failure of situational awareness brought on by scanning treetops and sky too much, I had never noticed that Still Hunt is quite visible from the base of south Cedar Hill and looks just a menacing as from the East drive. Metadata time 1509.
Once again going to the west side a Beresford check proves no joy. Metadata time 1525.

Skirted back to the Winterdale Arch to provide visual orientation (looking west). Metadata time 1527.
 Elected not to proceed on over to Central Park West and went back to the Sailboat Pond. 927 Nest check with no joy. Metadata time 1638.
 I was departing scene by going north up 5th Avenue and happily found Pale Male in a tree he often perches in opposite the Three Bears on the south MET grounds.  Metadata time 1708
 Pale Male pushed enlargement. Metadata time 1708.

[He is such a beauty, isn't he?]
Pale Male turning lengthwise pushed enlargement. Metadata time 1708.
 Pale male showing his six. Metadata time 1708.
 He flew a little ways NNW into this tree along the south side of the MET. Metadata time 1714.
 Pushed enlargement. Metadata time 1714.
He seemed full of energy and leapt into the air very quickly.Metadata time 1716.
Bulleting due west. Metadata time 1716.
Banking toward a tree in the west. Metadata time 1716
 Metadata time 1716.
Pushed enlargement. Metadata time 1716.
Pale Male was restless, as if he had to be somewhere. Metadata time 1717.
Pale Male effortlessly curved off due SW and I so wish I had been able to continue following, but I had to depart scene.
An update with photos from Pondove,  one of the chief watchers of Bobby and Rosie who nest on the Bobst Library overlooking Washington Square Park.

Dear Friends,
  I know many of you have not been in chat since Boo and Scout left but thought you may be interested in a few things. Although we see Bobby and Rosie just about every day, our NY people haven't seen Boo and Scout in a few days so we've been looking in the nearby park, Union Square but don't spot them. Yesterday I went over to Madison Square Park. For those of you who are not local, Washington Square Park is on 5th Avenue and 8th Street, Union Square is on 14th Street and Madison on 5th Avenue and 23rd, so they are all pretty close.
[Violet, the indomitable, Bobby's previous mate was also observed at Madison Square Park on occasion.]
Madison is not that large a park but has many trees to go through. I walked around, talked to the park officers and was told that there are several red tailed hawks. They actually have been seen here for years. I was about to give up when I spotted one in a tree. I took 3 pictures which I will enclose. The hawk looks very red in one picture but it's just the lighting. I sent these to John Blakeman. Notice the tail. I couldn't figure it out but JB did in a wink. The hawk is in its second summer, meaning it is 1 year and a few months old, like Pip. First moulting. You will see the red coming in, so I thought you all might like to see what that looks like.

JB sends his regards to everyone and as you know, he is busy with his prairie association and writing a book. 

I think I sent everyone the info about Ranger Rob performing at the nightclub this Saturday night. If you didn't get that email and would like to go, please email me and I'll send you the specifics. The proceeds will go to WINORR, Bobby Horvath, so it's a great cause!

OK, here are the pictures of the Madison juvenile. Love to all, Pon
 Photo by Pondove
                                                               Photo by Pondove

Photo by Pondove.

This is Pondove's shot that shows the brown tail of a yearling molting into the red tail of  a budding adult.
   Great documenting photo Pondove, thank you!

 A query from Lynne B. about the two previously poisoned Fifth Avenue Fledglings--
I often check in on your website and am so happy to see the updates.  I've been a Pale Male watcher for years!!

I was wondering if you have any information about Pale Male's children.  I know the 2 hawks were taken to the rehabber after being poisoned, but have not heard how they are doing. 

Do you have any information?

Thanks so much!

Hi Lynne,

Grand to hear from you.  The word in the park is that the Horvaths are going to keep the "kids' in residence until the poison is removed.  Haven't heard that direct from the Horvaths  but that's the current word.


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