Saturday, June 05, 2010

Survivor Divine, Offspring of Isolde and Norman Divine of the Cathedral Nest, Fledges!

All of today's Photos by Stella Hamilton's brother James
Survivor hops and flaps just before fledging.

Long time watcher of Red-tail nests, Stella Hamilton, sent this report and called me with the original news in post below this one-

Dear Donna,

When my brother James and I arrived at 6pm at Saint John the Divine, our baby hawk was pretty active in the nest flapping and running about St.Andy's back. Other hawkwatchers present were Adam Weltz,Sarah, Robert Schmunck, and Susan Gibson.

Today, he seemed a bit more excited up until 7:15 when he decided he would just spend the rest of the evening preening and nibbling on scraps in the nest. So we all thought .This he did until around 7:40, when we were all thinking of calling it quits.

At 7:44, just as soon as we all decided to go home, Baby ( by the way, I like the name Survivor ) stood on St.Andy's right shoulder and flew ! It seemed like one of those effortless first flights, you know. He had no fear. Survivor headed off towards the roof of St.Luke's Hospital ,across the street,and landed between the urn and the chimney. It didn't take long before a Kestrel, a Robin some finches and a Mocking bird discovered him.

My brother was able to get pics of Survivor on the roof. Sorry we were unable to capture him in flight. It all happened so fast. (The sacrificial birders were Susan and Adam and Sarah. )
love, Stella

Thanks Stella, hearing your voice on the first call and getting your report was as good as being there. Just like old times!

Also on site for the event was one of the main watchers at the Cathedral Nest Rob Schmunk, his several reports of the fledge follow--

The cathedral baby red-tail fledged this evening at about 7:43.

It was an awesome first flight, as it went all the way from the south side of the nest to the roof of St. Luke's hospital, a good 50 yards or more. We haven't seen it since but obviously the hospital finches know where it is.


This was my my first fledge. I guess you could say on the 8th try,
as I'd missed the last seven kids to leave the cathedral nest.

There were six people watching tonight, and unfortunately, three
left about 15 minutes before the big event.

No pix of the actual event as all I could do was watch. But pix from
before and after at


A few slight corrections to the earlier msg...

It was robins rather than finches who were complaining about
the baby hawk being in their territory, and he did poke his head
up for a couple minutes shortly after I sent the e-mail.

Also, Google Earth says it was 90 yards from touchdown to
landing. I don't think the fledgling lost altitude the entire flight.
A very impressive effort.

For those who might be out bright and early Saturday morning,
the baby was last seen on the SE corner of St. Luke's roof,
lurking along/behind the railing along the eave. Presumably the
local robins and mockingbirds will provide clues.


Thanks Rob, wonderful to hear such good news and what a superb first flight!

When all else fails when being mobbed, just give them the old upside-down-head-look.

Donegal Browne
P.S. Was diagnosed with pneumonia today so posts may be a little scanty for a while. Sorry.


rbs said...

As an FYI, that head twist was because he'd just been buzzed by the mocker.

Sally said...

Donna! Take CARE of yourself! I will miss your posts, but take care of your health. Prayers and hugs from Kentucky!

Donegal Browne said...

Being bombed by a mocker could make me twist my head upside down too.

Thanks Sally, will do.