Friday, June 04, 2010


I just got a call from long time nest watcher and very excited Stella Hamilton-

At 7:44PM The Cathedral Nest Fledgling took off from the left shoulder of St. Andrew and flew across the parking lot and 113th St. to the roof of the Plant Pavilion at the hospital. She landed between the urn, one of Tristan's old perches and the chimney which is a favorite of her parents, Isolde and Norman.

This is an excellent place to land from a first flight. Food can easily be brought and eaten and there are a variety of levels on the roof to practice skills upon, plus tree branches within reach of a very short flight.

There has always been a running joke at the Hawk Bench which spread to other nest locations , that before anything really good happens there is a sacrificial birder, a person who leaves just before it happens. In this case, it was filmmaker Adam Welz who left about 15 minutes before the fledge.

I also heard that Rob Schmunk was also on the spot, he'll have had his camera,
Donegal Browne

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