Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Red-tail and Eagle Update Plus the Red-tail Through the Screen Door

Lola, mate to Pale Male of the 927 Fifth Avenue Nest, NYC, flies high.

Good News about the Highbridge Park male Red-tailed Hawk from NYC wildlife rehabilitator Bobby Horvath--

Just passing along that last week we received the Highbridge male who was recovered by Urban Park Rangers while downed in the park. He was found weak, stressed and unable to fly and delivered to Animal Medical Center who called us. He may have chased something into the cattails and couldn't get out easy enough and was weakened and without food during the extreme cold weather we had.

We took him home, x rayed-- which were negative, rehydrated, fed him as much as he wanted and basically let him rest for a few days until he showed life again and wanted back.

We met with the rangers who released him back in the park where he immediately was greeted by his mate so no damage done.

I spoke with Rob Mastrianni and he said he’s seen them together since so all appears well. He is a dark headed boy and now has a band on his left leg so anyone spotting them can easily tell them apart in the future.


Excellent news. Thank you, Bobby and Cathy!

Next up, a grand assortment of Bald Eagle links and updates from Eagle tracker Jackie Dover of the Tulsa Hawk Forum--

Some bald eagle nest updates:

The Norfolk VA Botanical Garden eagle pair are frequenting the nest. Three offspring successfully fledged last year, including Azalea, who was fitted with a transmitter.
Recent photos/Forum:

Norfolk Live Cam is currently undergoing pre-broadcast tests and may commence streaming very soon:
Azalea's movements can be followed at:

Also preparing for the 2010 season are the eagles of Sidney, B.C.
Forum and new closeup photos:

Live Cam:
And the Ft. St. Vrain bald eagles (Xcel Energy Power Plant, Platteville, CO) are back. This is the pair that lost three babies to a late spring snowstorm in 2009. One parent was thought for a time to have perished. A male and female have been visiting the nest, refurbishing, and mating. Folks following the action seem in agreement that this is the same pair.
Live Cam:
Daily still photos:

Finally, the eagles who have nested at Sooner Lake (OK) and who are on the Sutton Avian Research Center Nest Cam, are back, as well. Live Cam is viewable at:
or http://www.suttoncenter.org/eaglecam.html
Latter link is the Sutton Center's website.

Jackie Dover
Tulsa Hawks Forum



From the NewsTimes
RIDGEFIELD -- Keen-eyed and fierce on the attack, red-tailed hawks are becoming a familiar part of the state's environment.
For Michele Toia, too familiar.

On Tuesday, Toia heard a crash, looked out onto the screened porch on the side of her house, and discovered a red-tailed hawk had flown through the door screen, turning the porch into an impromptu aviary...


Donegal Browne

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Let us never forget... Ben Franklin, who was correct in many things, and an expert in many more, felt that the wild turkey would make a fine symbol for the young nation. He was voted down by the more militant members of the new constitutional congress who wanted the bald eagle to represent us in the pantheon of national emblems. If he had had his way, we might be eating eagles for Thanksgiving. But no... we eat turkeys.