Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Is This Hawk Isolde, Formally of the Cathedral Nest?

This is the hawk that was roosting on the fire escape overlooking Morningside Park.

Note the rusty color coming down the breast and the belly band.

Here is Isolde. Note how far her rusty neck color comes over her shoulder and onto her breast.

Another photo of the fire escape hawk. Note the length of the beak, the angle coming from the neck and the curve of the tip.

Note the same points on Isolde as above.

Isolde isn't at quite the same angle as the fire escape hawk above but make an attempt to compare Isolde's back pattern with the back of the bird in the picture above.


So far, at least, I don't see anything that says it is not her. I've always thought that Isolde's beak was particularly distinctive and the fire escape hawk appears to have a similar one.

More photos of the Fire Escape Hawk are on the way!

Donegal Browne

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