Saturday, November 21, 2009


Tip snuggles down to warm her feet and to check depth.

Pinkie loooks out but isn't all all sure he wants to do.

Tip continues in peace for a while.

There she goes.


Still considering her options

Dot prefers his bath with a drip so he's been moved up to the kitchen sink.

Head under drip Dot goes for it.

A squat and look about .

Dot hops up to the edge of the sink.

And then inexplicably does a double wing clap over head as if he's just copulated. ???

A pause for thought about another dip.

But he's had enough and flies off to perch on top of the toaster.

Donegal Browne


Karen Anne said...

Is there anything more fun than watching a bird take a bath?

Goh Xin Deik said...

You must be happy if I put a comment. That bird seems funny. I like it.