Saturday, November 21, 2009


While the neon gleams, the traffic roars, and her counterparts sleep in fitful intervals,

Tip the pigeon mulls the benefits of taking a bath.

Temperature within the bounds of the bathing. No unsafe company to cause trouble, Tip takes her chance.

Tip submerges her head and wallows in the water
Then a look at the camera..
Wait just a gosh darn minute , here comes Thumper pussyfooting around the perimeter of the bowl.

Then here comes Dot the cock, ah oh, Thumber gives him the look

Dot attempts to menace Tip out of the bowl. No deal.

While the interlude takes place Thumper takes the better part of valor and makes her escape toward the dining room.
Tip has had enough, but hark, dot is off chasing after Thumper .
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