Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Red-tailed Hawk Sightings: Thunder in Tulsa,Dollar in Milton, WI. Plus the Thresherman's Park Turkey Family

Dollar in a favorite Oak behind the Dollar General Store, Milton, WI.

But first, to the person who wrote the comment about the sighting of the Red-tail on the fire escape in Queens. Be so kind as to click on "Contact Me" in the LINKS section, in the right column on the main page and send me an email.

Good ole Dollar was back in the Oak tree today. But that by no means was an indication that the hawk was feeling familiar about me. I was allowed two very quick photographs before the dreaded sound of wing flapping and she was gone. The building itself blocked her trajectory of flight, so though I tromped about, I didn't spot her again today. This is turning into a "thing", so I'm just going to have to show up as often as possible so she gets used to me.

Having been duped once again by Dollar, I headed out to the park to look for turkeys or deer. And wonder of wonders, just before sunset I discovered a group of five foraging just on the edge of the field by the woods.

But the minute the car stopped all the heads popped up for a good look.

While they looked at me, I looked at the sky, behind me, to the side, everywhere except for split second focusing at them. Then back to looking elsewhere again.

They didn't break into a Turkey trot right away, which was something, but they all gradually headed for the break in the understory for a gradual exit. Often with a look over their shoulder just as they were heading into the break.

Then off they went.

Down to two. The Tom Turkey, on the left, waits for the hen who is peering through the grass to enter the woods.
Then Tom went up on his toes, lifted up his great wings, in a big stretch and flap, as if to say--"Just try it." And then sauntered into the bushes.
Now for the Thunder sighting--R. of Illinois sent in the link and Hawkeyed Cheryl Cavert spotted Thunder yet again today, November 18th, not all that far from the nest she fledged from.

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