Friday, November 21, 2008

Baby Thunder and Lucky Dog. Plus Coming Soon--Five Crows and the Pork Cutlets

One of the five Crows involved with the pork cutlets gives me "the look". Bear with me-- two cameras, several hours, and with well over a hundred photos, it's taking me awhile to reconstruct the sequence.

Screen capture courtesy of KJRH TV Tulsa
From Catbird of the Tulsa Forum--

Jackie and I from the Tulsa Forum were reminiscing about Thunder's babyhood and Jackie found this old screen capture. I think you published it long ago but having seen how grandly she turned out in the latest photos from Cheryl, I thought you might enjoy seeing this little dandelion gone to seed.

(And for those of you, who just can't wait another minute for more baby raptors, heartstopping fledging, and really bad novice landings, be sure to catch AMERICAN EAGLE on NATURE. See your local PBS listings. D. B.)

Photo courtesy of Shingo Mutoh
From contributor R. of Illinois--

Fishing party rescues dog a mile from land

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