Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Orphaned Moose Part 2

Long suffering dog has retired to his bed to think about his troubles, and what does the new beastie do? He comes right over and noses him. It's difficult being a good dog sometimes.

Yummy! There's more. And this time with the added attraction of a delivery method that will satisfy his urge to suck.

And like most all babies, a full stomach brings on a satisfying nap. Just look at that little hoof.
Yeah, I know, it's me and feet again. Though in this case I'm thinking of his mother delivering him.

He's been checked out, had lunch,

and a nap, dealt with two dogs, both long suffering , what now?

The rehabber not having any other orphaned moose, it's a rule of thumb to try to put an animal with it's own species, or as close as you can come. In this case another herbivore with somewhat similar habits, a fawn. Though if you ask me, Fawn doesn't look overly thrilled.

And Calf is looking semi-hysterical himself. Look at those eyes and leg position.

Fawn makes the first contact. Actually this makes sense as I spoke to someone yesterday who knows much about deer and he told me that deer though wary, are also outrageously curious about new odors.
Not being able to stand not getting a good snuff, Fawn overcomes her shyness and goes for it. Calf is holding but he's also in a stance that can get him out of reach with one jump if necessary.

Before long, they'll be playing in between bouts with their respective bottles.
Donegal Browne

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Yojimbot said...

sssooooo cuuuttteee!! good luck little moosey!