Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Orphaned Moose Part 1

Many thanks to R. of Illinois for sending in the photographs—here’s the gist of the story that came with them.

A moose calf was in distress in a creek, when a man came along and got him out. The man tried to find the calf’s mother and send him on his way but eventually the calf stumbled back into the creek and had to be rescued yet again. Mom never appeared and the calf, as calves will, ended up following the man home for want of anything better.

The man only had a small cabin so he took the moose to a neighbor’s house and the neighbor shot these photographs.

The next day the duo took the calf to a woman who rehabilitates these kinds of orphans and after checking him out, Calf was put into a pen with a new buddy, an orphaned fawn.

Notice that Calf is pretty much dried out and enjoying every drop of formula. While the man's sweatshirt still looks pretty soggy. Considering the size of a grown moose, this little guy is very young.

And too young to know that he shouldn't really be letting people get close enough to pet him. In fact being that he followed the man home, calf isn't completely clear on what to follow. That's a very young animal.

The dog has that long suffering look. Undoubtedly Dog has been told to leave Calf alone. This is a well behaved dog who from his expression would love to either be snuffing the moose or drinking his milk. But being a good dog, he's just doing a little suffering over the matter. If you don't look maybe the interloper will go away.

Having had some sustenance and warmth, Calf perks up and is ready for more.

He now follows the woman into the kitchen and YIKES!

Look at Calf's ears and concerned expression. I suspect he's seeing himself in the reflection of the glass fronted dishwasher.

Blogger as usual is being picky about the number of photos per post, so now it's time to scroll down to the next section, Orphaned Moose Part 2, for the rest of the pictorial.

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