Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pancake Undulates, Two Tom Turkeys, Plus Doorstep and Friend

Pancake is busted under the bird feeder as I come out the back door. As it was too late to flatten out and freeze, he just goes for part 2 and freezes.

For whatever reason it just isn't Pancake's day. He keeps getting busted time after time. Whether it's because I'm going out back more frequently today or he's getting tamer, I'm not sure.

But as he's going to stay frozen as long as I look at him or I get too close and he makes a break for it, it's a good time to check him out. Look how fluffy is chest is. One wouldn't have guessed because the fur on his back is so smooth and sleek. His muzzle is like that of a square jawed dog. Big for his size too. I'd really like to have a look in his mouth and check out his teeth but I have a feeling that Pancake wouldn't mind nabbing me with them. In fact he'd probably heartily enjoy it.

Later I bust him in the Sunflower patch. He does one of his pancake imitations while I look at him but this time he's more annoyed than scared and he glowers at me.

Later still, I look out and he seems to have something heavy in his mouth. I'm not positive but it looks a lot like the little round bone in a ham steak. It was garbage day today so that's just what it might be.

At any rate, he's taking no chances that he'll loose it to me and takes off at top speed. And it turns out that part of how he gets his top speed is to undulate. Who knew?

Yes, Pancake might be interested in bones as Thirteen-lined Ground Squirrels are omnivores. I once was sitting in my car and suddenly--BANG--something hit the hood and lay there. I got out and found a pork chop bone sitting on the hood. I looked up and there was a Gray Squirrel looking down at his bone.

Then I was off to check out the the Crows vs the Hawk. I went to Thresherman's park and the wheat field. One Crow called and headed across County Highway M and disappeared into the tree line. Wow, no Crow games today, but in the wheat field there are three turkeys. I drive past pretending to be going somewhere else. Then drive until I am obscured by trees, get out, and attempt to sneak back. Right.

The third turkey is not fooled and obviously being of a nervous nature has hustled into the woods but these two Toms, though not having been fooled either, are still feeding though walking rather fast, while doing said feeding, toward the north and their usual exit into the woods. In the dim light it's difficult to get their heads in focus as they are pecking very rapidly. Now and again they dig with their feet to uncover other grain and then go back to peck, peck, peck, peck.

Unfortunately kids in a golf cart begin coming our way down the gravel road. Almost to the tree line, the turkey looks up, freeze a moment, and in order to get enough time for the longer exposure while he is still, I slowly raise my arm over my head. The pause while he looks, trying to figure that move out, was enough for the photo. But was also enough to convince both turkeys to disappear.

By the next click, no turkeys.

They stepped into their refuge and kept on walking.

And for those who have inquired, especially Emrys in Scotland--Yes, Doorstep and Friend, the Mourning Doves I've been watching for going on three winters, are alive and well. That's Friend above and Doorstep below looking into the camera.

Having posed for the photo, Doorstep now goes right looking for tidbits. She's joined by one of the House Sparrow kids. The backyard sparrow pair, has just fledged a bumper clutch of youngsters, there are five of them and true to their species they are noisy, insistent, competitive, and rambunctious.

Doorstep looks askance. Are they giving her indigestion with their antics? One youngster was alright but now she's got three of them around her. As there is safety in numbers, she turns and starts to go back toward Friend.

No good! They're everywhere.

Donegal Browne

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Karen Anne said...

Lucky you that Pancake the squirrel lets you get a good look at him. I have been trying to get a good look at a chipmunk who comes to my feeder, but he is only here for the blink of an eye.

Too bad the turkeys were not girl turkeys, you could call them Ruth and Naomi.