Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More Crow Games Part II

7:00:38PM Here is the full photograph of the mystery form (up right). I think that's a Crow in the background but there was also a squirrel in the area as well as the raptor. The mystery form looks gray and fuzzy above the raptor tail but the little feet which seem to be coming out of the fuzzy gray are unfurred.

This was a long range photo, and being confused about what was going on, I attempted to get a little closer. I hadn't gone many steps nearer when--

7:00:52PM This screaming Crow landed directly above my head. He looked down from his perch about 8 feet above my head and continued scolding. I got the camera up, he looked left, and must have decided he had bigger fish to fry because he took off towards whatever it was that needing dealing with.

7:04:04PM I loose him in the foliage and then spot a Crow in a dead tree. Is this the same guy? What is he screaming about?

I look where he's looking and there is the cause of all the hoopla.

7:04:16PM Note- reinforcements arrived in 12 seconds. They're quite the organized group, Crows.

7:07:40PM Back to the raptor, likely an accipitor as it's Crow sized. But which one?
Reinforcements having arrived, the sentinel nabs a handy insect snack on the dead tree.
7:12:38PM Still vigilant-- Was there movement over there?

7:12:49PM Perhaps another insect, while waiting.

7:13:46PM Still watching...
COMING UP--Swimming Goldfinch, Red-tail with a squirrel stuck on his foot, plus Rehabber Carol Vinzant just took in more orphaned baby Squirrels. Photograph of the little guys tomorrow.
Donegal Browne
P.S. Does anyone know if there is an owl that might eat bats on the wing in the Midwest? Or actually a mid-sized owl that eats night-flying-anything?


Sally said...

Dear Donna,

My guess from all of the brilliant barring on wings and tail is an adult Red-shouldered hawk. Cooper's tail bands are wider, I think, and I don't recall all those bars on the wings being so vibrant. It will be interesting to see what others say. You have such interesting wildlife adventures! How fun.

Donegal Browne said...

Hi Sally,

Thanks. It may well be a Red-shoulder, I think that was Kevin's take as well.

Part of what I can't figure out is the position of everything. Did you notice what look like feet coming out the right end of the grey fuzzy part? So if that's a wing what are feet doing there?

Also did you check out the indistinct photos of the whole raptor later on?

Sally said...


Frankly, the picture of the bird posed in the tree-is it preening?-is rather fuzzy, but the feet clearly are not feathered. The flying shot is literally fuzzy so I am not sure what you are seeing near the feet in that one. I tired to enlarge it and it just got fuzzier to me. It is a mystery!