Thursday, April 24, 2008

Urban Hawks and Peregrine Updates

Mariken of the disputed nestbox and her two new eyasses!
(A report from Eileen further down in the post.)

Lola is still brooding high.

Riverside Dad is quite the careful architect. He is constantly adding to and reweaving the nest.

He carefully pushes a twig.

Sliding it through the other twigs.

Pulls back and pushes again.

A builder's work is never done.

From Falcon Cam watcher Eileen, a Update on the Peregrines with the disputed nestbox--

Good evening Donna-The Peregrine pair at Nijmegen, Mariken & Peter, have their first 2 eyases! This is the nest where the territory battle took place. One egg was apparently damaged in the fight and broke.

There's one more egg to should hatch in the next day or so.

The US Peregrine nests are all coming along as well. James River Bridge in Virginia was early...they hatched 3 eyases a bit over a week ago.

Clara & Carlos on the San Jose City Hall had 3 hatches early this morning-one more to go Eggs are pipping in Cleveland, OH. Mariah & Kaver in Rochester still have a few more weeks to enjoy the Zen of egg-sitting. Still having faith for Pale Male & Lola...Eileen


A quick update on last night's update-all three remaining eggs at Nijmegen have hatched! I caught the attached scene of Mariken feeding her 3 hungry eyases!



A Wisconsin Cottontail Rabbit, who looks to have gone a little heavy with the eyebrow pencil.

Look who's back! I think it's Chipping Dad with the crooked toe, who worked so hard raising his own chicks plus a Cowbird chick at the same time last season.


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