Friday, April 25, 2008


On April 22nd, I began to have suspicions that the 79ers, Intrepid and Builder at Riverside had a hatch. See the feeding posture above?

Today I received a call from Neighborhood Hawk Watcher Joe, who took a telescope up to a roof and TA DA! He confirms that there were two eyasses in the nest. And perhaps more, he could only confirm two. Joe also reports that one was slightly grayer than her fluffy white counterpart , but both are near of a size. That says to me that the parents though young are feeding the eyasses equally and well. Once again the prey rich green spaces of New York City come through.

Here is the second possible feeding position observed. The eyasses most likely hatched about a week ago. And note they still aren't visible from the ground.

This is a high walled nest and Builder the tiercel, keeps adding to the rim all the time. In fact Joe says, that one of the parents spyed him looking into the nest and immediately began to raise the rim of the nest that he was looking over with more twigs.

We hope to have photos from the high view by tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Donegal Browne

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