Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Trouble at the Cathedral

The scaffolding itself didn't bother Isolde and her new mate one little bit. See Isolde checking the view from the nest with not a care in the world beyond building a strong bond with her new mate? Things were going along swimmingly until workers began repairs directly above the nest. And of course, this phase of the breeding season is the time when hawks are most likely to desert a nest if disturbed.

Photo courtesy of James O'Brien

A frightened Isolde looks up at construction workers on the scaffolding for the few moments she spent on the nest before being flushed off yet again.

For more on the Divine's problems see James O'Brien's blog, The Origin of the Species-
Donegal Browne


Karen Anne said...

What's with the Cathedral people? Do they realize the situation?

I looked at their web site and left a message for Avalon Bay, which seems like it might be the construction company.

Donegal Browne said...

Karen Anne,

It's likely that no, folks haven't realized that the presence of workman could cause the hawks to abandon the nest. A worker goes to his job, does what the foreman tells him to do. He may see some big birds flying around but he's concentrating on his job and unless the worker is also a birdwatcher it's likely he has no idea of the consequences just going about his business may be causing.

I've contacted NYC Audubon in hopes that they may be able to intercede and find some kind of compromise. Such as doing work that needs doing further from the nest until after the young fledge.
Another case of keeping our fingers crossed. Let's just hope that Isolde and New Guy haven't given up for the season. This pair got a late start due to the loss of Tristan so there is a reasonable chance that no eggs are sitting in the nest untended
and if given some space that The Divines will get back to business as usual.

rbs said...

Avalon Bay is not the construction company doing the work on the cathedral. They are the real estate company who have leased out the corner of 110th and Morningside from the diocese and put up the new apartment building.

Donegal Browne said...

Thanks Rob, for being on top of the information.