Friday, March 28, 2008

John Blakeman's Plum Brook Report

Southwestern Ohio Eagle's Nest courtesy of
Just as I drove up to the eagle nest, before I could stop the car and get my binocs on her, I thought I saw her standing and looking down into the nest in a motherly way. But when I scoped her out, she had settled back in and I couldn't tell if there had been a hatching.

I then drove three or four miles to the other end of the Station to see the over-the-road nest, and try to get a photo of it. The formel was still sitting nicely, but my camera's batteries went dead. I had forgotten to put a pair of newly-charged ones in my back pocket, so I can't submit a photo.

I go in for a prairie burn planning meeting on Monday morning and if the weather is OK (looks like it won't be), I'll try to shoot out to the nest site and click a few photos.

While at the road nest, I, too, had trouble seeing the sitting bird. Until there are some eyasses, the birds stay really low in the nest. And until they start feeding the eyasses, there's really no good way to census the nestlings, so it will be some time yet for the hawk eggs to hatch. The eagle could have eaglets this weekend. The two PBS hawk nest I'm watching appeared to be typical 3rd week in March layings, so eyasses won't be evident until very late April.

On the way back home, out in a big flooded soy bean field a flock of 100 or so tundra swans had taken up residence. They will probably spend the night out there. Very impressive.

John A. Blakeman
And from Brett Odom, still no eggs, no over-nighting, or brooding by Charlotte and Pale Male Jr. at the 888 7th Avenue nest.
AND we wait some more...Donegal Browne

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