Friday, September 21, 2007

Stunning Lotus and More Alex Video

Central Park photographer Eleanor Tauber branched out the other day and headed for the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and I'm glad she did. Here are some luscious photos of their lotus blooms. Lotus are five species of Asian waterlilies and in many cultures they were and are symbols of the sacred. The pink lotus is associated with The Buddha.

Lotus slowly unfurl petal by petal by petal and close in the same manner daily.

A Blue Dasher Dragonfly, ID thanks to Eleanor, makes itself at home.

Scientific research on avian intelligence isn't exactly at the top of the grant ladder to say the least, so a portion of the work is supported by the public through donations and The Alex Foundation Gift Shop. And if you're so inclined, Christmas is coming ...

And another Alex video link. It's Quicktime streaming video and though I have Quicktime 7, I've not had much luck getting it to work correctly. Others have, and say it's quite wonderful.

Donegal Browne