Sunday, September 16, 2007

Eleanor Tauber at Turtle Pond in Central Park and ABC on Alex

Eleanor Tauber, frequent blog correspondent and Central Park Photographer with an offering of some sights from Turtle Pond in Central Park as Fall begins to head our way.

What is it in particular that makes this duck look downright curly? Doesn't look at if many meals have been missed either.

Seed pods are popping everywhere as plants produce their "hopes" for the future.

"The bumble bee images were taken in an area just a bit north of Turtle Pond... It was a grey day and I cast no shadows and could get very close to the bee with my camera."
Eleanor Tauber

Which makes for some marvelous photos. Many thanks for sharing them with us Eleanor.
A lovely bit of footage also sent in by Eleanor Tauber, who'd been sent it by a friend who'd read the blog piece about Alex "the" African Grey Parrot. It was put together by ABC. There is a commercial at the beginning of the video, then Alex and Dr. Pepperberg show up directly after. Don't miss it in particular if you've not seen Alex on video. He was a true wonder.
Donegal Browne

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