Friday, March 02, 2007

Emu Feathers, Juncos, and Doorstep Dove (Crow Saga Tomorrow)

Harry Studebaker, the owner of Emmie the Emu, gave me one of Emmie's feathers. They are really quite fascinating and well, odd, compared with the usual North American ones I see. But then again isn't everything that comes from Down Under. In a way they remind me more of foliage than of feathers. Okay, I admit, you do have to ignore the fact they aren't green to get the foliage effect.

Emu feathers are double stalked from one shaft. That is the feathers on the body are anyway. I've not gotten one of the short curly ones that grow on Emmie's head to check out if it's universal for all their feathers.

Junco who is currently king of the picnic table as he's run off the competition. This tough guy seems to have just the slightest touch of black on the tip of his beak.

Black Tip in the midst of swallowing a seed. See the long toes?

Black Tip heads out, feet disappearing in the fresh sleet. When there is several inches of new powder snow, so fluffy that it won't even bear a Juncos weight when landing, the Juncos disappear almost completely into the snow and have to "swim" their way out with their wings after landing. Once those longs toes spread though, they often can get around with only their feet disappearing. How do those amazingly teensy legs keep from freezing off? I realize they have special blood vessels to keep their exposed parts warm but still...


At 5:45pm when I looked for Doorstep Dove she wasn't on the step. Oh dear! I looked up. There she was in the nearest tree, complete with her friend just a twig away. I spread seed on the step and they both stayed put instead of taking off in a frenzy. Looks like Friend is less skittish than the average dove as well. Could there be a romance budding in the backyard?

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kisya said...

Feathers are very beautifull! So thing and light!