Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Crows-6 Me-0, Doorstep Dove, and, Someone peeks in the windows

Tuesday, when I checked for Doorstep Dove at five minutes to six, I was very pleasantly surprised to find she had a friend with her. They looked downright cozy. I'd been worried about her sitting there on the ground in a way that seemed very vulnerable to predators. Especially this late in the day when the Fox come out, to say nothing about the Bobcat that pads by now and again.
I realize those animals have to eat too, but somehow I'd prefer they ate birds I didn't know. And now there are four eyes watching instead of two. A mini flock is better than no flock at all.

The Crows have duped me again for the last two days. The goodies are gone but not a black feather have I seen. That is excepting the Crow chasing the Kestrel over Milton Junction's tiny business district.

Last night around 2AM, I looked out the window and saw the prints in the snow. At 6PM when I'd watched Doorstep Dove and her friend, I'd checked and no human prints were there but in the intervening time The Window Peeker had been at it again. There amongst the squirrel, bunny, and bird tracks were those, once again of an unknown human. I carefully don't walk in that area as this has happened before; the day before the "relative" pushed in the back door of the garage to gain access. Hmm.

The Peeker after having gone onto the back step where the glass doors are, steps off, crooks left a bit to check out the side windows, and then makes his way south towards the pump house.

The window peeker comes over the snow bank and another set of smaller prints join his and then they go off together towards the street. Creepy.

One of my favorite stories about tracks in the snow took place in this town. Some years ago someone held up the Kwik Trip, the local convenience store, here in town. The perpetrator was arrested quite smartly as he'd committed his robbery during a snowstorm...on foot. The police just followed the tracks that led to his apartment.

Donegal Browne


Anonymous said...

I cannot tell you how much pleasure your post give me, but I am terribly unhappy and uncomprehending at the meanness that you have encountered.


Anonymous said...

Forgive a note of advice, but please let the local police know about the footprints to your home.

Anonymous said...

My sisten, an attorney, also suggested letting the police know about the trespassers.

Donegal Browne said...

Dear LTR,

I'm so glad you enjoyed the post; it's lovely to know. Things are a touch isolated here at "the fort". As to the meanness, no matter how hard I try to comprehend it, it is inexplicable.

Donegal Browne said...

Dear Anonymoi,

I'ved been thinking about going to the police but to tell you the truth, I'm rather dreadfully shy sometimes. Which may be what has been standing in my way. But since you folks don't think it's an over reaction I just may go and do it tomorrow.