Monday, November 13, 2006

What was really in the sky and what wasn't?

The below bright spots, magnified.

Some bright spots in the sky, as they appeared to the eye, through the scope. The three spots were visible to the naked eye as well.

Photograph taken of a bright spot in the sky, November 4, 2006, roughly to the east southeast,
Under more magnification on the computer, it appeared to me to be possibly a celestial orb of some kind.

As I'd no idea what it really was , I emailed Ben C. of for some possible answers.

Ben wrote,
"The green orb in the photo you asked about is *almost* certainly an internal reflection."

I then bumped it up some more so Ben could get a better look, and under more magnification on the computer the edges became fuzzy.

Ben, with the larger look, would you still think the same? It doesn't seem to have the same "movement" of the bright spots above. ???


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