Monday, November 13, 2006

Not Pale Male's daughter but..?

Here's an article from The New York Post sent in by Hawkwatcher Kathering Herzog.

Obviously as Pale Male's nest falled last season, a yearling brown-tail isn't a daughter to Pale Male and Lola, but beyond that, does anyone have any information about this incident?

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November 2, 2006 -- A year-old red-tailed hawk who is believed to be a daughter of Pale Male, the city's reigning raptor, is recovering from a flying accident.
The bird plummeted to the ground on Monday while flying near the 59th Street Bridge.
Joe Mora, an animal rescuer who was under the bridge watching a pair of red-tailed hawks, said that for some reason, the bird became wobbly when she dived to eat a crow and fell to the ground.
Mora took the hawk to the Animal Medical Center, where she was treated and released to the city's Animal Care and Control agency yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Could the injured RTH be 1 of the Devine eyeasses? I always wonder where they go. Keep those great pix coming.

Donegal Browne said...

Hello 1:19 Anonymous,

Good question. I believe it could be one of the Divines.

At least one of Jr. and Charlotte's young from last year stayed around until well into the new year if not later.

She could also be a brown-tail that is passing through on migration or any of a number of urban raised young from nests we haven't discovered yet.