Sunday, November 05, 2006

Mrs. Hermit Thrush Update and Vote for Dogs on Leads

Guess who? Yes there she is, Mrs. Hermit Thrush, trotting BACK across the street from the traffic circle late in the day.

I caught her just as she was about to take off to fly over the fence. If I'd not been there I'm sure she just would have kept walking, right on through the fence and into the Bird Park.

Also a new sighting for the BP, wonders of wonders, a Northern Shrike was seen flying out and landing on a fire escape across the street.

Now on to the opinion poll about dogs: On vs Off lead.

NY1 is doing one of their snap polls, the question under consideration- whether dogs should be kept on leads. Though it probably will make no difference to the powers that be currently, it's still an extant statistic for future use by the winner.

The real problem of course is dog owners who do not properly train their dogs to heel. but that doesn't help the wildlife injured, maimed or killed by them every year. Last Spring, a Mallard Hen was killed by a dog while protecting her ducklings. They of course did not survive without her. That is just one example of the problem.

Here's the link to vote.


Eleanor said...

Donna, I tried to post this a few minutes ago, but it didn't seem to "take".

Dogs that have been taught to heel can also be of danger to both wildlife and humans when playing with their human companion and/or other dogs in an area that's not contained in a "dog run".

While running loose catching balls, frisbees, or whatever, dogs have run into a birding friend of mine on two separate incidents. She was knocked askew and bruised by the encounter each time.

Donegal Browne said...


You're right. Thinking back on all the dogs who have been my companions, only Goldberry, one of my wire-haired fox terriors was the only one who absolutely would not break from "heel" ever, no matter what dog-tempting creature crossed our path. And who knows even she may have broken, if we'd ever come across her ultimate temptation. Thanks for the comment.

A big part of the problem is one of education of owners. Some feel that chasing wildlife is a perfectly acceptable form of "fun" for their dog. I've seen many an owner reeling out an extension leash and running with their dog so it can go after wildlife. Not realizing that on any given day, there are hundreds of dogs taking walks past the Model Boat Pond for instance. All chasing the same squirrels over and over all day, keeping the animals form making their living.

I do have sympathy for dogs. They do need time to run free. The answer is far more city dog runs. And having gardened next to a dog run I see how much dogs, being pack animals, enjoy seeing their doggie friends coming down the sidewalk making for the run and play time.

Runs have also saved many a dog's live in this city of many dangers to pets. Dangers which include everything from cars to a dog catching a creature that appears healthy but is full of rat poison.