Monday, November 06, 2006

How about some birds?


A Yellow-bellied Sapsucker hard at work in his pantry within the traffic circle.
Below, our mascot, the Oven-bird. After all it is the Hell's KITCHEN Bird Park.

This is a Junco, honest. See the slate gray back with the slightly darker head? They've been around but haven't been cooperating by giving me photo ops.

hose who don't know, he pecks little circular holes in the tree, in neat rows, which fill with sap, and in turn entrap insects. Which he returns to periodically. Having captured something toothsome, or rather beaksome, he eats it.

After a nice piece of dry bread, one could really use a drink.

It hasn't rained lately, the bowl is almost empty. And just between you and I, not very clean.

Have you written your letter, sent your email, made your phone call, sent out this blog's address to caring friends, shown your public support, and asked that the Bird Park be reopened? We're all going to be pretty thirsty in here pretty soon. You have? EXCELLENT! How about another one.

Hell's Kitchen Neighborhood Association(HKNA)
454 West 35th St.
NY, NY 10001


Donegal Browne said...

Hello All,

Currently new postings are not "taking" on my blog. My apologies. I'll continue writing them and when posting becomes possible again, up they will all go.

For those with intermittant access problems, I'm told that the link on Sam's site, is reliable as a way of getting in.


Eleanor said...

That's a very "plumped up" sapsucker, Donna!