Wednesday, November 29, 2006

More Monks

Photograph by Donegal Browne
(For more information about the Manhattan Monk Parakeets go to Marie's wonderful blog was the first to break the news, scroll down on this site to The Monks Do Manhattan, and go to the site of Steve Baldwin, urban parrot investigator, who took the next sequence of photographs of the Brooklyn Parrots. The link to his website follows at the end. )

Steve Baldwin, long time chronicler of the Brooklyn Monk Parrots, saw a very interesting sequence of parrot behavior on Sunday morning.

It began with a number of the parrots alighting near their communal nest

They then rather inexplicably began walking, yes, walking together with what looks like purpose.
They formed into a line and marched off. See the approaching mini-van?
Do they get squished? Just how do they handle it?
See the full sequence with Steve's original captions, and much more about urban Parrots by visiting Steve Baldwin's fascinating and informative site,

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Peggy said...

Unlike our President, Monk Parrots know that 'staying the course' is imprudent. Aren't they amazing birds?