Friday, July 21, 2006

A Canary song question from Marie Winn, Author extraordinaire, and my answer...So far, sort of.

Just what does get a Canary "started"?

The Albert Einstein model?

Surely large mouth bass wouldn't be better, would it?

MarieWinn wrote,


You say the females boost their egg output when they hear attractive [sexy] songs. I'd like to know the difference [in canary music] between an "attractive [sexy] song and an unattractive [ho-hum] song. Is it like the difference between Mozart and Punk Rock, for instance, in human music? Or what?



To tell you the truth, I've had questions about that myself. The only answer I can come up with currently is, "sexy music" is whatever kind makes your eggs get bigger. But that's rather like which came first, the canary's song or the egg. I'm still looking for more definitive information on the study, canary girl urges, and what makes "sexy".

But in the meantime...

Might there be environmental cultural musical factors? Do all the females react the same way to the same music? If raised in Wisconsin, would Polka influenced song cause reproductive hyperdrive mega eggs?

Ah, but as there was no difference in the sex ratio in the experiment even though there were bigger eggs, and no guys around to give visual cues in the experiment, is there a visual factor that is causing the sex ratio difference? Say in the above example of Wisconsin , would the sight of male canaries with beer steins cause more male offspring to be produced to go with the polka enlarged eggs?

Just think, it could be extrapolated even farther. Wisconsin is famous for it's cheese. Cheese comes from milk. Milk comes from cows. The cows are kept by farmers. And the farmers all pipe music into the dairy barns. Very clever. We may have stumbled on something here. Polka causes physiological changes in the cows, which gives them hypermaternal feelings, increasing the cheeseability of their milk!

Seriously though, returning to your question of classical vs punk, in bovine experiments, "the girl's" milk production increased noticeably when they listened to Classical Music in the barn, particularly Mozart, rather that any other kind. Does that make it sexy? Or what?


What makes sexy canary song...coming soon.

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