Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Youngest Divine Almost Gets Run Down and Too Many Hawks, Too Few Eyes

Chunks of the blog continue to evaporate as I work on it, so I'm going to post this section now. The previous part of the day will preceed this when pieced together again. Find the latter part of the day, posted last evening with some overlap, following this one.

3:34pm Dad arrives with prey and lands on higher level above Eldest.

3:34pm Eldest rears her head back and begs piteously.

3:35pm Eldest begs. Bring food.

3:49 Dad isn't going to bring it down, he goes out on scaffolding and checks response.

Prey is left unattended on corner above.

Eldest looks up at Dad, begs.

3:54pm Youngest still sits low on park wall.

Dad looks down at immature pigeon and her guardian.

...so does Eldest. She's plopped down on the scaffolding and won't go up to prey.

4:08pm Immature pigeon and her mom, below and slightly to west of hawks.

4:29pm Youngest has flapped to higher position, finally. At the lower position, we not only had to be vigilant that she might hop down and make for the street again, but one rare passer-by who actually noticed her, had to be gently asked not to take her picture from a spare foot or so away. From across the street it looked as if he was actually attempting to touch her.

429pm Youngest watches as Mom obviously flies by with prey.

4:33pm Eldest considers going up the stairs for food.

4:37pm Eldest finds a snack on the scaffold stage. Brought by Mom who had been above on toe sized ledge?

4:38pm After snack musing.

4:39pm Up the ante, as Eldest is distracted. Prey brought to near corner.

4:41 Prey at near corner. What is fledgling response? Not coming higher. Dad takes a few bites.

.4:46pm Dad nibbles prey, Eldest not amused.

4:46 Mom up and circles, Eldest watches.

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