Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Youngest Divine Almost Gets Run Down and Much More

Unable to get through the fence and therefore his mother, Youngest spooks and runs for Morningside Drive (or the trees beyond it) and into heavy traffic.

I'm having blog difficulties that make it impossible to finish Monday's post tonight. Therefore I'll attempt to complete it Tuesday, as most of it can wait. Though you might want to consider...


Due to Youngest difficulties in not being able to get inside the parking lot fence today and then ending up on the sidewalk and in Morningside Drive with traffic, any Hawkwatchers who find they have time to monitor any possible repeat of the situation and put in some time as a possible eyass crossing guard Tuesday, might want to make a point of doing so . Just in case.

4:37pm Eldest finds a snack on the scaffold stage.

4:46pm Mom circles, Eldest watches. Note the curled talons.

4:55pm Mom to ledge above scaffolding with prey, then comes down from the higher ledge on the Cathedral and positions herself on the scaffolding. Gives food to Eldest.

5:09pm Longer view for perspective, Youngest in slightly higher position in the small tree across Morningside Drive at the intersection with 113th. Still being mobbed by the Catbirds after all these hours and still not making a move, even though both adult Divines had positioned themselves in high direct sightline with prey on the Cathedral to lure her back to the fold.

After the fourth phone call from my family, wondering if seven hours in the sun wasn't quite enough for one day, and with Irene and Stella on the job as possible eyass crossing guards, I exited.

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