Thursday, May 25, 2006

Divine Red-tails Thur., 25 May 06

Front view of the Cathedral Red-tail nest. For perspective
on size, see eyass head center and the female's tail left.

Present and Future

11:30am to 2:30pm Today was about maternal care of the eyasses. At least one bird was
visible at all times. The male did not visit the nest while I observed. I suspect by behavior that the eyasses had been fed shortly before I arrived. Both were preened by their mother with varied levels of cooperation. Mom was alert to the outside-the-nest world but observed the eyasses carefully as they went climbing about the nest, flapping their stubby wings, and dozing in the sun.

Visitors to the scope today, included a professor of religion from Princeton, a maintenance worker, a delivery man, a neurosurgeon, a bicyclist, an Episcopal priest, and a woman walking her dog.

Female is about to begin preening this
eyass. Who attempts to scuttle away.
But Mom gets the eyass between her own
body and the nest and the eyass is preened.

Hawk focus!

Wing flaps.

Today's "And now for something completely different."

Adam and Eve from the facade at St. John's




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