Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Divine Red-tails 24 May 06 plus The Peacock

Cathedral Mom and Eyass

Mom and Younger after dinner.

After waiting a number of hours without a sign
that the nest was occupied, this was my first
glimpse that anyone was home.

Cathedral Red-tail Field Notes 24 May 06
3:30-5:30pm- Time frame for the following sequence of events.

(My apologies, currently I can't seem to get the times, the notes, and take the pictures all at the same time. Today the "times" suffered. I'm working on it. )

Standing north of the nest, in the patch of sky between the back of the Cathedral and the trees, a Red-tailed Hawk appears and flies from west to east on the plane of 110th St.

A little girl and her binoc carrying grandmother arrive for a look through the scope.

Mature Red-tail (Dad) arrives on SE edge of nest, (obscured view), and leaves. Mom's head appears above the nest edge. Both eyasses can be heard begging loudly.

Mom disappears into nest for some moments.

Mom stands very alert. She looks. She's off the nest with purpose. Lost in trees.

(When James arrives, , he tells me he saw the male RT attempting to capture prey, the bird failed, then began to fly small circles in place. Directly the female RT arrived, and was successful in capturing prey. She then flew off with it. )

Last season similar "come here" behavior was seen between Pale Male and Lola. Pale Male called, flew in small circles in place, and Lola arrived very soon after in purposeful flight.

Mom arrives back at the nest with prey, possibly prepared pigeon. She stands in bowl of nest, drops prey in, and looks down watching.

After some time, Mom disappears into nest.

Older appears on edge of nest with Mom keeping an eye on her from behind. When Older considers going back into nest Mom moves closer. Older stays on edge. Mom is still there but lower and sometimes invisible.

Older stands on edge of nest and begins to look very sleepy.

After a number of minutes Younger crawls onto edge of nest with Older.

Eventually Older goes back into the nest and Younger stays on the edge. Mom appears and stands by Younger who snuggles in.

End of field note sequence-More photos follow.

A nap after dinner.

Mom has dropped the prey down into the nest.
She watches.
Possibly time for the older of the two eyasses to
make first attempts at feeding herself?

Mom arrives with prey (pigeon?).

Note both eyasses have begun to develop the gold
upper breast coloration prevalent in this area. According to
local speculation, possibly a gene brought in by Pale Male.

And now for something completely different...

The St. John's Albinistic Peacock

Older with Mom behind her.

Note the aural orifice (That's right, the hole where the sound
waves go in.) as yet not covered over with articulars the special
none-sound-wave-blocking feathers.

Good night.

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