Thursday, June 30, 2016

Stella Hamilton Spots Pale Male and the Tree Frog Returns. Plus Guess Who Eats Japanese Beetles?

Longtime New York City Hawkwatcher Stella Hamilton spotted Pale Male perched on a security cam (down center left) hunting.

 Plus Stella spotted one of Pale Male and Octavia's fledglings perched on the "Bates Hotel".

 And TADA!  The Tree Frog has taken up evening hunting residence on the laundry room window yet again this season.  I can't be sure this is the same Tree Frog but he is using the same window and the same pane as last season.

As I may have mentioned, I have Japanese beetles on my property.  Therefore I go out periodically during the day with a plastic ice cream container filled with water and dish soap and shake the leave they are sitting on so they fall into the liquid.  After I have collected all that I can find I go in and dispose of them.

This of course is basic, somewhat effective, and it usually does save some foliage on the plants from total annihilation.  I had never seen anything eat one until today.  I saw a fledgling grackle going from one plant to another that I knew had previously been infested delving into the leaf whorls where the beetles had previously been and whose pheromones  now had attracted other beetles as Japanese Beetles work on pheromones.   Once beetles appear on a plant, and I've removed them the pheromones attract more bugs of the same species.  And there was young Grackle delving into the leave whorls and gobbling them up.  This is the first creature that I've seen eating them.

Donegal Browne

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Sally said...

I have three tree frogs on my window by the lamp every night :)