Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Feeding at the Teneyke Eagle Nest!

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Today's photographs of  the Teneyke Bald Eagle Nest are courtesy of  Eagle Watcher Mi Albright.

1:50:37  One again Dad is perched lower down in the tree being vigilant.  Mom leans into the nest. She does appear to be feeding.
1:51:59  She is definitely feeding.
1:52:13  Mom looks west.

1:52:34 Mom's head goes down somewhat sideways to get the food into the right spot.
1:53:11 She turns round likely to get another piece of food.
1:55:20  Another tidbit goes down into the nest.

1:55:25  She tips to a slightly different spot to feed.  Eaglet moved?  Second eaglet?  Picking up a scrap?

1:55:40 Look carefully just in front of Mom's head.  Is that an eaglet?
 1:56:32  Feeding in another spot or is she picking up another bite?
1:57:05  Mom looks.

And that is the extent of Mi's pix.  Though it appears perhaps that there are two eaglets.

But tomorrow is another day!  We'll see!

Donegal Browne

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