Sunday, February 07, 2016

Where IS That Hawk? Squirrel and Quicksilver Evade the Issue.

Squirrel the Cat has just joined Quicksilver the African Grey Parrot on the cupboard in the laundry room.  An area often used to watch the wild birds at the feeders on this side of the house.

But there aren't any wild birds at the feeders.
 Nor are there any birds even in the sheltered area on the other side of the house.

Once again there is a hawk somewhere outside that I'm not yet able to spot.
 Squirrel looks at Silver and Silver looks at Squirrel.  Silver's feathers have slightly risen which makes him look larger and warns Squirrel that he is ready to rumble if things come to that.
Squirrel looks back at me.  
Ah.  I'm still watching.
 Squirrel turns back to the window.   Silver watches me and watches him.
 Silver overtly keeps watching the cat.  And the cat fixedly looks out at the feeders in which there are no birds feeding.
 Silver decides things are safe enough to look out the window himself though he hasn't completed relaxed.  Note the raised feathers on the back of his head and the nape of his neck.
 Squirrel turns.  Likely to check if I'm still watching.
Silver still very aware of us both does begin to look outside.

As Squirrel quite subtly starts to turn toward Silver, Silver focuses directly at the cat.  He's seen something I haven't, perhaps?
  They may be looking for birds, there aren't any in sight, and they don't appear to see the hawk outside either but they are definitely also keenly aware of each other...and me. 
 Tussling is strictly forbidden.

Squirrel's head continues towards Silver and Silver goes into threat posture.  His feathers begin to stand on end all over his body.
 In a split second, the cat turns towards the bird with his right paw raised and the parrot's feathers smooth and he turns to meet the cat head on. 
I yell.
 Squirrel retreats and Quicksilver who appears to have been ready to fling himself at the cat puts his foot down.

The cat exits.  Silver turns and looks out the window again and I am no closer to finding out where the hawk is. 

I assume these guys know but they aren't telling.

Happy Hawking
Donegal Browne 

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