Monday, August 24, 2015

Part II of The Mysterious Screaming Red-tailed Hawk Battle

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Part II
6:10:26  We left the female screaming in flight and that is how she continued.  On second thought what is more likely going on rather than my earlier surmise is that she is a female Red-tailed Hawk who's  territory has been broached, she has been attacked, and she is having none of it.  

Somebody is going to pay if they aren't extremely

 6:10:27 The camera's view.
6:10:28 The formel (I think) has circled round and is now coming toward the trees she had been chased into moments earlier by the small bird.
6:10:28  Suddenly her wings crook and she lets out a blood curdling scream...

6:10:29 She flaps with vigor toward the trees.  I surmise she has seen what she is looking for. 
 6:10:30  Formel narrows her focus...

6:10:31 She heads into the trees.
 6:10:31 This is my view through the camera...therefore I didn't see...
 The assumed formel has perched on the tip top of the first highest tree.  Now look at the next set of high boughs to the right.  Is that brownish shape, the attacking small bird, its mate, or a leaf?

As I didn't catch the apex perch of the Red-tail,  I then spent the next few moments scanning the sky for her and NOT taking pictures of the above area.   DRAT!

 6:10:36  Five seconds later I see a Red-tail coming in from the left.  Now I ask, is that the perched Red-tail's mate?  Has the previously perched Red-tail circled around?

                                        TO BE CONTINUED!

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