Thursday, July 09, 2015

The Stella Hamilton Eyass Report for the St. Johns Nest Of Norman and Madeleine Plus Pale Male and Octavia's Fledglings

 All Photos:Stella Hamilton
Stella Hamilton was on the job once again.  Here is the second clutch eyass toddling around on the St. John the Divine Nest. 

 Photo: Stella Hamilton
And here is her mother, the beautiful Madeleine...looking concerned.  From her activities and expression she appears to be a somewhat anxious and possibly  inexperienced Mom.  Next year should be better.  

Then Stella takes a trip downtown to check on the fledglings of Pale Male and Octavia. 

 Photo: Stella Hamilton
Now there's a stealth but comfortable position.
 Photo:Stella Hamilton
Definitely an urban fledgling, walking the fence is no trouble at all.
 Photo : Stella Hamilton
Look at how the breast muscles have increased with true flying instead of just flapping.  A beautiful set of feathers.
 Photo: Stella Hamilton
Hanging out with an eye always peeled for their parents.
 Photo: Stella Hamilton
Standing tough.  Ready for all comers.
Photo: Stella Hamilton
There's no better dinner than a nice rat.  Plus you're doing your ecological duty to rid the world of vermin.

Don't believe it's a rat?  See the tail wrapped around her beak!

Many thanks to Stella for all her work!

And stay tuned  for Pale Male/Pale Male Jr./Tristan DNA results!

Happy Hawking!
Donegal Browne

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